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Accelerating the next generation of technology companies through their people.
About Us

Getting to know us

We’re a team of people and talent consultants with previous in-house experience scaling start-ups UK and internationally.

Our passion is building memorable experiences that have positive impact and finding and developing great talent. From leading in start-ups, we’ve failed fast, enjoyed the big wins, and navigated through every challenge thrown at us!

This shared understanding with our clients, combined with deep research, creativity, and networking, not only supports our clients to scale, but enables them to have a competitive advantage through people and talent.

Transferring Knowledge.

Sharing Experience.

Delivering Value.

About Us

What we bring

What we bring

Strategic Mindset

Having operated with a strategic lens, we avoid off-the-shelf designs where possible, preferring a more bespoke service supporting your objectives and connecting to your vision and strategy for full value add.

What we bring

Technical Depth

Our experience in tech start-ups working with software engineering and product teams means we know their needs and how to attract and retain them.

What we bring

Quality Network

We’ve spent years building our networks and talent pools both in the UK and internationally. We can use our network to assist you, whether it’s supplying talent fast or linking you with other suppliers and partnerships. Our reputation is built on knowledge and delivery and we have great relationships.

What we bring

Start-up Style

We know from our vast experience of working with start-ups that we need to ship value fast, focus on the customer, be creative, and have bags of energy! We have experience as ex operators in start-ups which were backed by renowned investors including Tiger Global, Target Global, and Atomico.


Meet Beth!

Beth began her career in technology recruitment, sourcing top talent for start-ups and household names. She soon became a top performer in her role. She later enjoyed in-house senior talent roles recruiting at volume for national brands. Beth’s experience on the executive team in start-ups has seen her navigate through a range of challenges, change, culture and talent acquisition needs between different investment rounds. Beth’s start-up leadership experience means she has invaluable insight on the commercial and practical considerations for people and talent and the ability to align company strategy with team and individual impact.