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Accelerating the next generation of technology companies through their people.

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People & Talent experts trusted by start-ups and scale-ups

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Be the change
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Beth is a certified coach and has a track record of coaching and advising founders. She has created a unique program for Founders that trains them to excel in the hardest skills of all: recruitment and leading leaders.


The easy part is technical;
the difficult part is people

To scale you need to think in systems and products. We know your company is a ‘product’ with its unique value proposition and experience. We have the skills to design the people experience end to end or in parts, and the stakeholder management to take teams on the journey.


Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team

Whether you’re building a founding team, or scaling, hiring the right talent is essential. Collaborating with us will raise your talent bar and give you insight into how to achieve repeat results. We provide candidates across Product, Engineering, Commercial, People & Talent.

Why We Exist

Developing Teams To Deliver

People and talent strategy and execution is at the heart of sustainable scaling. Yet finding talent, expertise, and design services in this space for start-ups remains a challenge! Getting these wrong delays growth and costs more to course correct. With increasing pressure to do more with less, improving business performance starts with intentional design for people and talent. Team Developa are ex operators and have years of experience as people and talent leaders in start-ups. We’ve seen the challenges at various stages whether it’s hiring your first developer to multi-country expansion. To address this we offer affordable expertise, an impressive network of talent, and design services that truly match the company strategy, stage, and model it supports. We’re committed to not only providing talent, but supporting their development so that everyone can deliver faster, for longer.

Why Us


Whether it’s getting the right talent fast or accessing our playbook or advice, our experience means we know what to do in the right order today, not next year.



Whether it’s getting the right talent fast or accessing our playbook or advice, our experience means we know what to do in the right order today, not next year.



A flexible on demand option be it fractional, project based, or coaching.



Learn what great looks like. We go deep into your business. We’re known for introducing a high bar. Good isn’t good enough.



We can scope to your budget and are affordable to start-ups. The additional learnings and insights you’ll get from our collaboration will pay dividends short and long term.

Our Approach

Work Together

We work with those open about their challenges and collaborate to get the best results.

Mission Driven

We partner with companies whose missions we are passionate about and want to get behind.

Values Aligned

We ensure your company values underpin designs and align our style accordingly.

Design Thinking

We follow the 4D Framework; Discover, Design, Develop, Deliver.

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What People Say

“Beth brings a whole new perspective to startup culture and performance. She lives and breathes her values and has been one of the most impactful consultants we worked with. Helpful, pragmatic, and always delivering ahead of schedule.”
CEO & Co-Founder – Dexory
“Working with Beth, I only have one regret: that I did not start working with her earlier! The path toward building your company is paved with mistakes, but the ones you do in recruiting hurt the most. With Beth on your side, not only do you work with a great and energetic professional; she will elevate your company building game to the next level.”
CEO & Founder – Cirplus
“Beth is an absolute powerhouse when building exceptional teams. Beth refined our hiring procedures, and flawlessly executed the process to offer. Beth’s operational skills are outstanding. What sets her apart is her ability to effortlessly switch between the perspectives of both candidates and founders. So much so that when we parted ways with some candidates, they said this was the best experience they ever had.”
CEO & Founder – Opna
“Equally astute at operating at the intersection of people and technical, behavioral, operational, and strategic functions. Skilled in the dynamics needed to build high-growth start-ups. EQ is off the scale. Adds value in the trenches where execution and delivery are key, as well as at C-Suite and board level.”
CTO – Tarabut Gateway
“Beth is in the top 0.1% of her field. She built our HR & Talent function and drove company strategy while coaching teams. If you need to scale fast and don’t hire her, you’re mad and I wish you luck.”
CEO & Co-Founder – CloudNC
“Continuously impressed at the speed and accuracy of Developa’s recruitment. They have a deep understanding of the needs of start-ups and they shortcut a lot of time and energy for us because they just ‘get it.”
Chief of Staff – Atom Group
“I highly recommend Developa for anyone looking for a people and talent consultancy with deep expertise in the start-up space. Beth’s guidance and industry knowledge were invaluable in our executive search.”
CEO & Founder – HeliosX

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